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Chickadees, 27 Jan

Themes Explored:

  • How animals move. We moved like snakes, climbed like mountain goats, walked on our knuckles like chimpanzees, roared like dinosaurs, and jumped and hopped like snowshoe hares and wallaroos with our story "Whose footprints are these".

  • Tea Party theme with our story, "Tea Party in the Woods".

Skills embraced:

  • Imaginative play. We played with soft toys, made ziplines for them and homes in the bushes. Elizabeth even checked to see what footprints her cat would leave in the snow.

  • Tool skills. We used saws to cut branches and a blocks of wood.

  • Snow play. Snow kitchen was a favourite among the boys today with Parker bringing me many delicious treats to try...vanilla was the best! Archer was heading up the kitchen with great gusto!

Connection Questions:

  • Which animals did you pretend to be in the story? Which animal was the most fun to pretend to be? Which animal did you think was difficult to imitate? Which was easy?

  • Did you enjoy the tea party? Who did the girl Kikko in our story have a tea party with?

  • Did you make snow cakes? What were you making? What flavour was you favourite?

  • Did you play with a stuffy? What animal were you playing with? Did you take it for a ride on the zipline?

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