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Chickadees, 24 Mar

Themes Explored:

Woodpeckers. We discussed woodpeckers, how they communicate, the sounds they make and why. We also discussed their homes and how they make them. We looked for signs of woodpeckers in our spot down in the bike track and had a go at making holes in trunks like the woodpeckers with chisels and hand-powered drills.

Magnifying Glasses. We took our magnifying glasses out to see what we discovered. We noticed sap dripping from trees, holes in trunks and logs and signs of insect life on tree hollows that contributed to our discussion of woodpeckers and what they eat.

Carrot Carving. We expanded on the carving skills we started developing two weeks ago when we introduced wood carving tools. From our carrots ... robots, fish, unicorn horns, people with hats were among our creations.

Skills Embraced:

Confidence and Creativity with Tools. Our tool circle was full of inspiration this week. Some were making woodpeckers holes, or nests with painted rocks for eggs, while others were stripping bark and sanding/filing logs. There was a lot of exploration and experimentation with the tools, the creativity was abounding and it was a delight to see what captured imaginations.

Emotional understanding, identifying and expressing our feelings. We used rocks with distinctive facial expressions to identify emotions we feel and express how we felt during certain activities. This helps children in our class to know all their feelings are acknowledged and accepted and are safe to express.

Imaginative play. Our soft toys were swept up into the play this week with all manner of animals making friends, taking care of their babies, sleeping and eating and generally acting out their unique characteristics.

Memory skills. We tested our memory in a memory game noticing which animals were missing after the cover sheet was removed, it was a hoot and a good opportunity to remember the names of some animals we were less familiar with and discuss their features.

Fine motor skills. Our nest making, carving and painting projects gave us some opportunities to hone our fine motor skills.

Connection Questions:

What did you learn about woodpeckers? What sound do they make, do they have a birdsong? How do they communicate with other woodpeckers? What do they like to eat?

Did you have fun climbing and rolling down the hill? Did you use the rope to climb? How did you feel when you came down the hill, were you scared/ excited?

What were you carving from your carrot?

What were you working on in tool circle? What tool did you use? Do you like using that tool?

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