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Chickadees, 21 Apr

Themes explored:

Being explorers. Today our Chickadees did the big rope climb and explored further afield, across the slope, to a new play space nearby the Rosedale lookout. The challenging rope climb was thrilling for all to accomplish. Everyone was a great explorer, staying with the group as we explored and noticing things like the position of the sun, the city and the mountains, to start to build an understanding of compass directions.

Maps. We drew the path we took on satellite maps of the area, talking about landmarks on the map to identify where we had been. We also explored other maps to notice things like green spaces/parks, rivers and lakes and roads to locate ourselves.

Ball games. Our new space offered up many opportunities. We played soccer and various rolling ball games on the grass and on the hill.

Tool work making wooden key chains. Some of the class decided to make keychains today. We cut slices of branches, drilled a hole and used para-cord or leather string threaded through the hole to make the key chain. Others worked on forts or "Summer benches" .

Yarn wrapping craft for debriefing experiences. We used different colours of yarn to wrap around our sticks to indicate how we felt and what aspects of our class we enjoyed or want to do more of.

Skills embraced:

- Cohesive group exploration, being able to go on an expedition with the group, wait safely at agreed points, learn new boundaries and listen carefully and follow instruction while taking care of each other.Confidence and physical strength through challenging rope climb and high slope traversing to a new space.

- Cooperation in play and especially in ball games.

- Ball skills - Foot to eye coordination in soccer, challenging self to not touch ball with hands and aiming for a goal.

- Map skills - orienting oneself in a map, identifying landmarks and becoming more familiar with maps.

- Tool skills - fine motor control and dexterous strength with tools like hammers, nails, saws, files, rasps.

Connection Questions:

Did you enjoy the new space you played at? What features identified that spot on our maps? Would you like to visit there again?

What did games did you play there?

Did you find the rope climb challenging? What did you enjoy about it? What surprised you about it?

Do you like being an explorer? Do you like using maps?

What did you learn about maps or North, South, East and West today?

Did you watch the butterflies today? Did you see it when it sat on a twig right in front of us and let it look at it up close?

Did you build a fort?

Did you make a key chain like Astrid?

Did you work of making "Summer Benches" with Leah and Archer?

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