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Chickadees, 16 June

This was our last class for the year. Our chickadees have grown up so much in this time. They now bound up the rope climb, play easily and freely with each other, identify plants and bugs as we explore and have a love of nature and play. They are expressive, engaged and enthusiastic. What a joy it has been to meet with these wonderful children every week and be in the great beauty of nature together.

This class was also our last class with Ms. Jessie. Ms. Jessie has been an extraordinary teacher, a best friend to all and a constant source of laughter and fun. We will so miss having Ms. Jessie in our class but are so excited for her as she embraces new adventures in Portland.

We wish you all a wonderful Summer, enjoying nature and community.

We can't wait to be back in the Fall meeting at the bottom of the hill ready to embark on new adventures together again!

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