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Burrowing Owls, Sept 28

The animal game continues to be a great way to start class. This week the herbivores, carnivores and omnivores had two major impacts they faced on top of the regular predation in the ecosystem; a highway and 2 experienced lionesses (the teachers!) waiting to pounce at the waterhole. This got everyone thinking about what animal they could be to have a chance of survival using their unique advantage. We've asked the Burrowing Owls to come next week with an animal in mind, its' advantage and an action to represent it. For example an eagle would stretch its' wings (arms out) and fly over the road, a porcupine raises its' quills (fingers splayed out on their head) and the predator is frozen for a time. The group will choose who is which animal and play the game.

We practiced the bowline again in partners. Those that were unsure about how to tie the knot accepted help from those who have 'got it'. The partners needed to trust each other because once the bowline had been tied around their middles they leaned back and balanced each other using only the knot.

We are practicing putting up a tarp to get ready for the rain and snow, yet today we needed it for shade. Bowlines were tied, but then how does the rope get attached to the tree so it will stay put and be easy to take down? We learned a new knot, the half hitch, and enjoyed chatting and eating snack under the tarp everyone had helped put up.

Connecting Questions:

- what happened to some of the animals when the water ran out in the animal game? Is this a reflection of what happens in the wild in real life?

- were you and your partner successful in balancing each other using the bowline?

- Ask if they can show you a bowline and a half hitch. Practicing knots a lot really helps with remembering them!

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