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Burrowing Owls, Sept 28

We ventured further from our spot today to investigate 'curiosities' the children had noticed. From Day 1 the landslide has been talked about so we started here. The big question was "How did this happen?" We recognised that we don't have the answers but there were many theories of a possible cause. Something we can investigate further. Elliot noticed a mob of crows and magpies along the bluff. We watched them for a while, wondering why there were so many and went to investigate after they had flown off. Maybe there was food? A dead animal? There were no obvious signs but it gave us the opportunity to take in the view from the top of the bluff and see downtown, the mountains and what we think is Sunnyside orchard. A further place to explore next week.

During sit spot we gathered for a sharing circle and everyone had the chance to speak about what Orange Shirt Day means for them as we passed a talking stick around. Everyone recognised when it time to speak or to listen as we heard everyone's thoughts.

Ask your child:

How did the landslide happen?

How did you feel sharing in the circle? embarrassed? confident? nervous?

How do you say "Hello" in Blackfoot?

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