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Burrowing Owls, Sept 21

The Burrowing Owls were all go with their projects today using knives, files, hammers and saws in the tool circle. The tools are certainly popular and enable everyone to be creative. Often times what the children want to make does not turn out as expected and they modify their original plan, start again or move on to try something new. We had some frustrated moments today but it was great to see their perseverance and ability to bounce back when things didn't go how they wanted.

The Owls talked about what they would like to do in the coming weeks and there are many great ideas. Noticing the leaves changing colour in our spot, we are definitely thinking about Fall and plans for Halloween began!

Connection Questions:

What do you consider in the safety check?

What do you need to do next on your project?

What future ideas do you have?

What was your rose and your thorn moment?

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