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Burrowing Owls, Sept 14

We welcomed a few new friends to the Burrowing Owls today, Gemma Giraffe, Grace Gorilla and Quinn Quail. Ask them what their name game action was. They are a wonderful addition to the group.

Max asked to play Camouflage, one of his favourite games. After a recap of how to play we were challenged to find good hiding spots and stay hidden. For some it was hard not to peek which sometimes got us caught and out of the game. We'll play this again and increase our observation skills, patience, keep learning names and having fun. Games are great!

Individual journals were given out today. We will use these in class to record observations and wonders in drawings or writing. You can also encourage your child to use them at home if they would like to. In the treehouse last week we were wondering about a tree that looked dead, yet it was still standing. An inquiry question arose - "How do we know if a tree is dead?"

We have asked the Burrowing Owls to think about this question for next time and write or draw their ideas and further questions in their journals.

The tool circle is a popular place to be to work on our wood creations and a calm place to chat and get to know each other, there are many dog lovers and fans of The Descendants in the class! Your children are very imaginative in what they would like to carve so over time we will build on this enthusiasm and help develop their carving skills. Watch out for some wacky creations coming home!

As many of the Burrowing Owls are interested in being in the tool circle at the same time it would be helpful if they had their own pair of gloves to bring. We want everyone to be wearing at least a glove on their non-tool hand to minimise injury. We do provide some spare gloves but sometimes there isn't enough for everyone at the same time. You can find work gloves at garden centres, hardware stores or dollar stores. Thank you!

Connecting Questions:

What was challenging for you?

What are you making in the tool circle?

During sit spot what came to mind that you are grateful for?

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