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Burrowing Owls, Oct 5

The Animal Game continues to excite and inspire us! Each Owl came up with a special adaption that would give them an advantage during the game. Ask yours what theirs was! Next week, they will add a 'disadvantage', or something that might hinder their hunting/hiding (a wind that blows the wasp? a turtle that gets flipped over?) . What an insight into the workings of an ecosystem. We have started a discussion on how some of the prey feel during the game (sorry to eat the other animals!) and will build on that with a thought; can we be grateful for what the Earth/nature has given us? And how?

This is coming from an Indigenous way of connecting to the cycle of life, and recognizing that we are a part of it. This is also a small part of our ongoing work towards reconciliation.

Connection Questions:

-what was your animal adaption? What could your disadvantage be?

-how did it feel to be hunted, or doing the hunting?

-what does your Meeple look like, and why did you choose that?

-what did you notice during Sit Spot?

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