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Burrowing Owls, Oct 26

Today was a Halloween party!

We started with a popular game, Capture the Flag - the gross version - which had many outside of their comfort zone initially. Through the game people's tolerance of holding slimy things seemed to increase!

In our sharing circle we talked about big emotions, in particular a time when we were scared. We will continue with this and investigate fear more: Are there different types of fear? How can we embrace our fears?

Debriefing our time together is an important part of Forest School where we learn about ourselves and others from our experiences. Today we rotated partners and answered questions like:

What made you curious today?

When were you at your best today?

Some questions were easier than others to answer and everyone had an opportunity to be heard and to listen to their partner.

Connecting questions:

What gross items did you pick up in Capture the Flag? Was there anything you didn't want to touch?

What did you do during free-time?

When were you creative at Forest School?

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