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Burrowing Owls, Nov 30

Thank you for having your child so bundled up today! Days like these become more 'teacher-led' as we try to work together to stay warm by moving!

A few games started our day so that we were warmed up and ready to play! The highlight might have been our 'wrestling club'; our practicum student Quynh taught us some basic defensive and offensive wrestling moves, which are always easier in the snow!

Sledding, through trying out multiple types of home made sleds, and traversing the fire hose became our activities during the free explore time! We will continue to build sleds and build our capacity on the hose in the weeks to come!

A short trip to the Cabin (661 3rd Ave NW) allowed us to eat our snacks in a warm place, but it took some convincing them to get there - they were happy to stay outside!

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