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Burrowing Owls, Nov 2

The snow did not slow us down - in fact, it sped us up!

We had a few things planned today that we put to the side in order to take advantage of this glorious snow, and also to make sure we kept the class warm through movement.

One thing we did keep today was the flint and steel - we were almost all successful in lighting our lint or cotton ball on fire without a match (cold hands got in the way for some). We will progress our fire skills as the winter progresses!

Sledding is an activity we use in the wintertime to help us stay warm, but it is so much more: tinkering, maker lab, problem solving, resilience, team work, partnership, physical literacy...and more! They made a wonderful run all together this week!

We are also beginning a discussion on safe wrestling; when and where and how. We will continue as we go!

Connection Questions:

  • can you explain 10 Pass to me? What did you use as a ball?

  • did you have a part in the sled run? jump? track?

  • what strategies did you use to stay warm?

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