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Burrowing Owls, Nov 2

With the Burrowing Owls interest in shelter building and bushcraft we have introduced Knot Club as a group activity. We started learning a clove hitch knot which is the beginning of square lashing, good for shelter building and other construction projects. The enthusiasm, patience and determination were great to see along with individuals supporting and teaching others once they had tied the knot themselves. We decided to use journals as a knot(e)book and create a knot encyclopedia so please remind your child to bring their journal with them next week - Thanks!

Imaginary play was a large part of free-time with the funeral of Bob and Jerry Pumpkin bringing everyone together. The group hasn't played this way before so it was interesting to see and it provided an opportunity for a change in group dynamics. The children that generally lead were being directed by others who had initiated the play funeral. Ask your child what part they played in the pumpkin funeral.

Connecting questions:

Ask your child to show you a clove hitch knot if they can remember.

Tying knots gets a lot easier with practice as the pattern and movement are moved in to long term memory.

What survival challenges would you like to do?

Did you help someone learn the clove hitch?

What did it feel like when you were successful?

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