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Burrowing Owls, May 23

We are very keen to accept a challenge given to us by the Owls class; to come to a Thursday class and compete in a handball tournament! We will send out details soon! We practiced a lot of the morning, and enjoyed getting to know the game a bit better, and what our strengths are!

We are moving forward in our canoe and boating exploration! We are learning the parts of a boat, and are whittling our own small canoes! It is hard work, and sometimes our hands hurt, but we are persevering!

We are also challenging the Burrowing Owls to challenge themselves, by reminding them in an activity, and having them say aloud what their challenge is. They are so capable, we are looking for ways to take them beyond their comfort zone!

Ask your Burrowing Owls:

  • name one challenge you put out there for yourself today

  • how is your carved canoe coming along?

  • what is your favourite plant to eat on the Bluff?

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