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Burrowing Owls, March 15

With the weather hopefully getting warmer we have re-introduced the tool circle and will be practicing carving different notches on try sticks over the next few weeks and building our knife skills. Through the winter the Burrowing Owls have been all about games and physical activity, which has brought us all together and now when we're carving in a group we're a community; chatting and laughing.

Of course it wouldn't be Burrowing Owls without some rough and tumble. The slackline brought about the invention of another new game, who can stay on the slackline the longest without falling off. There was 'encouragement' from the other Burrowing Owls to try and get people off quickly.

Connecting Questions:

- How did it feel being shook on the slackline?

- You gave a shout out to someone at the end of class, what do you think they felt about it?

- What animal were you in the Animal Game? Were you able to stay alive all through the game?

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