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Burrowing Owls, March 15

We welcomed Annabelle to Burrowing Owls this class which may have prompted a group exploration of the hill up to the top of the bluff or maybe it was Spring fever! Whatever started it it was a great introduction for Annabelle to our Forest School space and a reminder to others of the land we play on and learn from.

We have started a sit spot where the children get to whittle something they choose. It could be a spoon, a figure or they can practice their carving skills without having an end goal. We will be doing this over a few weeks to really settle in to sit spot practice. The first try was appreciated with many of the Burrowing Owls asking for more time to keep carving - Amazing! We'll build up the time in sit spot over a few weeks so as not to discourage anyone. If your child has carving tools at home they can bring these in to use and it would be helpful for your child to bring along gardening/work gloves to use. We do have some to share but not enough for everyone.

Connecting Questions:

- What did you enjoy about roaming on the bluff?

- What are you aiming to make in sit spot?

- Can you think of any survival challenges for the group to do?

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