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Burrowing Owls, Feb 8

The fantastic weather today gave us the opportunity to draw and write, and a little birdie told us our new friends the Rabbits were learning about navigation, so using the compass directions we learned last week we designed two different treasure hunts for them!

We split into two groups and everyone took on different roles and contributed ideas to their group's directions. We're excited for the Rabbits to try and find the hidden treasures next week! Ask your Owl what they did to help design the treasure hunt. What did their group end up using as the treasure and what clues or directions did they use?

We spent the rest of the day playing at our new favourite spot - the bike track! We ran and slid up and down the dirt ramps (can you tell from our clothes?) and rolled tires up and down to see how far we could get them to jump and spin. We drew on paper and used coloured water to paint on the ice. When there's fresh snow we're excited to give this another try.

Attendance has been variable over the past weeks and each week we get a slightly different mix of children. This has shaken up our social dynamic in a way that's helping us grow and get to know more people. Ask your child if they've made a new friend or started playing with someone they didn't interact with as much before. What has that experience been like for them?

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