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Burrowing Owls, Dec 14

Today was a day to be active and stay warm and everyone did great!

Tarp sled races got the Burrowing Owls thinking and working together to try to win the races and then sled construction began. There were different materials to choose from and the most successful were the good ol' strong plastic bag and Quinn and Grace's dog bed wrapped in a tarp. Ask your child which sled they preferred.

Last week, there was lots of talk about having a fire because the snow had arrived so we set up the Kelly Kettle to boil water for tea. Chloe and Queralt learned how to split wood with the hatchet for kindling, while Grace and Calvin started the fire. It was a team effort and the hot tea was delicious! The rest of the group were sledding and even the lure of fire couldn't pull them away!

Wishing you all a fabulous winter break! Celine and I are looking forward to seeing the Burrowing Owls back on January 4th.

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