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Burrowing Owls, April 21

What a fantastic day to be exploring the forest at Edworthy! We began with a level 1 map course, then moved to a 'mapless' course, where we had to memorize where the controls were, go and find it, and report back the colour listed on it. A great memory game! Then, we progressed to the ultimate challenge; using a map of Edworthy of the south side, we had to follow the contour and path lines, and physical features (instead of human-made) to find our controls. The terrain was also steep and muddy, which made it more challenging, and fun! The group just excelled at being a team, supporting each other, making sure everyone was having fun, and making decisions together. We were so proud of them! In two weeks, we will head to Nose Hill for a Cinco de Mayo Orienteering Challenge!

Connection Questions: what did you shape your wire into at the end of the day, and why? Was there a point in the day when you wanted to quit? What happened?

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