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Burrowing Owls, April 12

Even though the Moose game is their absolute favourite game, they put it aside for an activity we are introducing; Orienteering!

Through this activity, where 'flags' are hidden and description given for their location, they are learning map reading, spatial orientation and literacy skills! And also, how to run fast and have fun doing it! We hope to turn this into a field trip this spring - stay tuned!

There is also a love of Norwegian braiding, an activity that requires a tree, some yarn, a weight and lots of co-ordination and patience! They are becoming Jedi's in this. Watch the video below to see how it works!

The last few weeks our numbers have been few, but we are noticing through this a strong bond of friendship between the children. It is wonderful to see them enjoy each others' company during their free exploring time!

Connection Questions:

  • what was the most challenging part of the day? Why?

  • What did you carve on your tri-stick today?

  • Tell me about the Moose game!

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