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A Day at the University

Your teachers are always looking for venues and organizations that can enhance their learning! From books to websites, we are always incorporate new ideas and ways of being with the children!

In December, I, Lea, participated in a day workshop, as part of the U of C's continuing education department, on Emotional Intelligence. Going more in depth into the different emotional competencies will help Upstream observe, adapt, teach and report more effectively. There were 16 competencies outlined, including what their priorities are, what makes them tick, and how to meet them where their at. Look in your next reports for more detail on what your child's EQ strengths are!

Jessie is continuing to work on her Forest School Practitioner's course which she began in the spring, adding to her already extensive knowledge of being outside with people! Meeting other FS teachers and being exposed to all the different ways one can be a FS has already been so inspiring, and affirming, to both of us.

See you soon, the week of Jan 6th!

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